Riding It Out

Shit’s getting real:

Across the Atlantic, people are now begging for the right to walk and ride bicycles alone outside:

“Walking and cycling, particularly in greenspace, is good for mental as well as physical health,” write the experts, which include the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s Professor Sir Andy Haines.

Here in New York we may be next:

No ride for me today owing to rain and sundry responsibilities, but I intend to keep going even if they sic the NYPD and FDNY on me.

Or people start yelling at me from their windows:

Do I take potentially lethal viruses seriously? Yep. Do I think some people are losing their damn minds? Also yep. If you ride a bicycle you’re used to people accusing you of engaging in excessively risky behavior for doing something perfectly reasonable, but now we’ve reached the point where we’re shaming others for stepping outside for a breath of fresh air.

I’m officially freaked out, and it ain’t because of the virus.

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