It’s Friday, Grab A Bike And Go Ride It!

As the new year dawned and I moved my blog to a new apartment I resolved to fortify my work ethic. However, with the temperature safely above freezing and the weekend beckoning seductively, this morning I decided, “Fuck that,” and instead went for a ride:

Note that I fitted the Mavic Scaryums for the full mid-aughts retro effect, and I must say I did feel a bit more buoyant than usual. Maybe it was the wheels, or maybe it was just that the last ride I did was on a vintage mountain bike with tank treads for tires. Most likely it was a combination of the two, infused with a bit of end-of-week optimism.

Whatever the case, may your own rides this weekend be similarly enjoyable.

But before I dismiss you, I’d like to briefly address matters of shameless commercialism. You’ll note that in the right-hand margin (or beneath this post if you’re viewing this on a cellular telephone or similar device) there’s an ad for Just Coffee, my esteemed sponsor of many years and the purveyors of my own official blend. Well, a reader recently dropped me a line to let me know the discount code wasn’t working, and if you’ve had similar troubles I’m pleased to let you know that it’s now been fixed. So order early and order often, because there’s nothing worse than waking up for a ride and realizing you’re out of coffee. (Actually there’s a lot of stuff that’s worse than that, but I’m using something we writers call “hyperboley.”)

And speaking of esteemed sponsors and discount codes, while you’re shopping online, be sure to swing by Ben’s Cycles, who also generously offer a discount code just for readers of this blog. What should you buy exactly? Well, take your pick, they’ve got everything–though of course you could always get a holder for that Bike Snob coffee:

In the marketing world we call this “synergy.”

OK, you’re free to go now. Ride safe, and go forth buoyant and caffeinated.

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