It’s Friday, Don’t Miss The Break!

It’s Friday, my head is down, and I’m pedaling furiously to close the gap to the weekend. But before I jump on its wheel, I’d like to direct your attention to the right-hand margin of this blog, where you’ll note a new banner from longtime supporter Ben’s Cycle.

Found it? Good. Now note that it features a coupon code that will net you approximately 10% off your purchase. (Even numbers are like totally gauche.) So use it wisely and use it often.

By the way, in addition to offering all the components and accessories you could possibly need for your cycling endeavors, Ben’s is of course the home of Milwaukee Bicycle Co., makers of my beloved workhorse:

I snapped the above photo just this morning. Honestly I’d have preferred the woods today as it is extremely cold and windy, but I have places to do and things to be later today, and so I only had time for a short road ride. Not only would have the trees protected me from the arctic gusts, but they also would have shielded me from the unsolicited observations of random assholes, with which my ride was bookended:

Nevertheless, it was in all other respects a satisfactory jaunt, and I am profoundly grateful to Ben’s for the support, in both pixel and bicycle form.

Ride safe, and may the drivers you share the road with this weekend mind their freaking business.

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