New Outside Column

Good morning!

I’ll be on the radio this morning at 10am, and if you’re not in the broadcasting radius of 995.FM in New York then you can always listen online–though let’s be honest, if you don’t live in New York do you even matter? (Apart from the fact that you get to decide the president, that is.)

In the meantime, I’ll be gargling my proprietary mixture of salt and honey in a vain effort to appease people like this:

Note that he tweeted that back in 2010. Now that’s prescient.

I’ve also got a new Outside column up, and you can read it here:

As the busy father of seventeen (17) children I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be heeding my own advice this year, but I’d very much like to, and in fact if I could go on a weekend-long luxury wheelbuilding retreat I totally would. What better way to true and stress-relieve the soul than 48 hours of uninterrupted nipple-twisting?

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