Shoally You Jest

I was looking at the Twitter yesterday when I saw this: Presumably I'm the last person to know there's now something called the National Cycling League, and it's the "future of professional cycling:" To that end, they've set forth their vision using various cultural buzzwords: The founder, Paris Wallace, is an Entrepreneur In Residence at... Continue Reading →

I Remain App-rehensive

Further to Thursday's post, Tom Boonen has apologized for his Colnago comments: Actually, he didn't so much apologize as he did repent and genuflect: Though he also included this highly ironic photo, so perhaps his "apology" is more subversive than it seems at first glance: When you consider how much dope they were on, attributing... Continue Reading →

That’s More Like It

After enduring 30-ish miles of this... ...I was badly in need of a perineum palate cleanser yesterday, and so I headed out on this: I chose this bike because it seemed the perfect counterbalance to the Softride. Both bikes were high-tech for their day, but this one is fully rigid, has skinny tires, sports a... Continue Reading →

Soft Rides Demand Hard People

Further to yesterday's post, this thing just happened to me: Like the band Phish or the movies of John Waters, these bikes have something of a cult following, but it's a cult I've never been inclined to join: Nevertheless, like a "virgin" venturing forth to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show,' shortly after signing off yesterday... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

While I may joke about being a "semi-professional bike blogger," I do have a full-time job, and it's one I take extremely seriously. That's my position as the Classic Cycle Old Crap Test Pilot: There are certain cycling media outlets I won't name were the vintage bicycles are far more photographed than they are ridden.... Continue Reading →

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