How Low Normal Can You Go?

Like people, bicycles are subject to various ailments, and my Specialized RockCombo is coming down with a case of progressive Awesome-itis: While I suppose "Awesome-itis" would technically mean a swelling of the awesome, I am of course using the suffix colloquially, and what I really mean is experiencing more of an outbreak of upgrades that... Continue Reading →

Pump And Dump

Spring is here in all its glory, so there's no danger of thin ice: However, when I'm on the Normcore Nostagia Bike there is danger of thin tires: Those posed no problem, but after years of compact crank use the 42x24 "low" gear felt rather burly, and when you consider what when new this was... Continue Reading →

April Showers

Further to yesterday's post, a reader made the following observation: Well, being uncool is a passion of mine, and I headed directly to a popular auction site where I became the proud owner of this garment: This is going to go perfectly with the Normcore Nostalgia Bike and my Spal-deen bicycle helmet: Which means I'm... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Maintenance

It was raining all day today. For some, rain means Zwifting away like a fool--or, even worse, "working." For me, it means taking care of all the bike maintenance I've been deferring. But first, I dropped The Car That I Own off at the mechanic with the help of my dedicated Dropping-The-Car-Off-At-The-Mechanic bike: Note that... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays!

As a semi-professional bike blogger whose relevance decreases by 50% per year (at least according to a consultant I recently hired for $75,000), one of my greatest privileges is unfettered access to the Classic Cycles collection, which contains some of the finest bicycles in the world, and which I can borrow from on a whim:... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

It's Monday, isn't that fantastic?!? To celebrate, here's a new Outside column by cycling's preeminent writer, Jörs Trüli: Disclaimer #1: I know this dropper post win happened like a million years ago in Internet time, but it took them a little while to publish it, then I didn't realize they had until this past weekend;... Continue Reading →

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