One Hand Washes The Other

Good morning. We've all had a lot of laughs here over the years, but it's important to stop every now and then and consider the less fortunate among us. Consider professional cyclist Lachlan Morton, who has been forced to undertake his outrĂ© publicity stunts endurance rides on a shitty disc brake Cannondale with a stupid... Continue Reading →

The Lure Of The Open Road

For the past week New York has been like a windowless bathroom after a hot shower, and from a cycling perspective the best way to cope with these conditions has been to wear athletic clothing while riding a bicycle on the road: When it comes to road bikes, it can sometimes seem as though there's... Continue Reading →

Round And Round We Go

I gotta say, this bike's really working for me this week: I've had it set up for my older son, and so the stem is two centimeters shorter than what I usually use. I thought of changing it back, but it turns out it feels great, most likely because I've got at least two extra... Continue Reading →

Run Out Of Town On A Rail

Firstly, nobody asked me to do this, but I just happened to notice that Jones is having a sale: Those look like some pretty good deals to me: I don't have a favorite bike. Actually, that's not true, my favorite bike is usually the one I happen to be riding at the time. However, when... Continue Reading →

So Great To Be Back!

Oy, I'm back. While I had two bicycles with me on my vacation, it was particularly good to reconnect with the Jones, and a luxury to be in such close proximity to that most fashionable of road surfaces: [I'm talking about the garvel, of course.] Alas, as a dog returns to his own vomit, so... Continue Reading →

So Much Chaff So Little Wheat

***This is another vacation non-post, see you for real after Labor Day.*** As everybody knows, Craigslist in big cities like New York is a total shitshow, full of overpriced crap like this: But that's not the case everywhere, and in an alternate reality I'd travel the hinterlands in a minivan acquiring classic bargains, like this... Continue Reading →

Retrogrouch Fever Dreams

***I'm on vacation, and yet I keep typing words into this blog. What can I say? I'm like a do running in its sleep.*** In recent years I've sort of stopped keeping up with the newest-and-latest bike tech in earnest. Mostly, I just give stuff a cursory glance and then make fun of it: When... Continue Reading →

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