Life Isn’t Always Made To Measure

Like most people, I engage in the time-honored tradition of pouring myself a cup of coffee in the morning and reading the "news." One of those news sources is Streetsblog, with which I have a fraught relationship: they are cloyingly smug and maddeningly self-contradictory; and yet, they are the best source of information for news... Continue Reading →

Go Forth And Friday!

Things move fast in our modern world, what with the Internet, and hand-held wireless phones, and tapeless home video rental, and all the rest of it. Trends and sensibilities change faster than they ever have in human history. Consider gravel racing, for example: The first edition of this race took place in 2006 before the... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

At some point (I'm too lazy to figure out where) I promised a guide to Dirtbag Road Riding, and here it is! I can't figure out if a column about the road/gravel inversion that evokes L'Eroica is ironic or not, since L'Eroica is basically a gravel ride...but it's also a road ride...but it also happens... Continue Reading →

Wheel Hop

There's much I appreciate about living relatively close to the forbidding Trails Behind The Mall, and towards the middle-bottom area of that list is the fact that in front of the Trails Behind The Mall there is a mall, and in it is a stylized consumer electronics retailer noted for its sleek and suppository-like packaging:... Continue Reading →

Waiting It Out

Over the weekend I attempted to work in a quick ride in between thunderstorms: As I rode, I tried not to think about all the ticks hitching rides on my feet. (And no, that's not a tick, that's a mole. Sorry.) I also tried to will away the clouds gathering in the distance. However, as... Continue Reading →

Rack Attack

This week has been harder to get a handle on than one of these things: By the way, I knew that I wanted to compare this week to one of those things but I had no idea what to call it, so here's how I found it: Don't let anyone ever tell you the Internets... Continue Reading →

Drop Bar Days

Like the moon, an insect, or a petulant teenager, I tend to go through phases, and for the past few days I seem to be in a drop bar phase: However, I'm also in a friction shifter phase, which means I've been alternating between the Normcore Nostalgia Bike and the Vengeance Bike: The former I... Continue Reading →

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