Stay In Your Lane

On Monday I shared my latest Outside column, about blocked bike lanes: The next day, a delivery worker was killed in a collision with a truck: Which was not parked in the bike lane: The Streetsblog editorial approach is to assign blame, whether implicitly or explicitly. I'm not interested in doing that here. Someone has... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

When I first started this blog in 1976, I was often critical of and flippant regarding bicycle advocates, whose patron saint at the time was a certain musician who doesn't own a car (at least on this coast): Over time, my flippancy concerning advocacy matured into something more closely resembling respect. However, there are certain... Continue Reading →

Water On The Brain

I'm pretty much a numbskull, but in the time that I've been alive a few bits of wisdom have managed to leach through my cranium and into my brain. For example, I know to always carry a pump and a spare tube when I'm out on my bike. I know never to get into an... Continue Reading →

Glory Days

This is a blog about bikes, and as such I do my best not to bother you with my personal non-cycling affairs--unless of course they directly impact the publication of this blog. So it is for that reason I mention to you know we're having some work done on our home. I won't trouble you... Continue Reading →

This Town Is Plan-Tastic!

Yesterday was a big day for smuggies, transit nerds, and municipal policy weenies here in New York City, because the Department of Transportation unveiled its long-awaited Streets Plan: For an idea of just how eagerly this demographic has been anticipating the plan, just imagine a bunch of 40-something men in New Balance sneakers waiting for... Continue Reading →

Clearance Is Granted

It's been a little over six months since I put together my Platypus: The animal for which this bike is named looks like God put it together using a bunch of spare parts, and in that spirit I too used as many of my own spare parts as I reasonably could. For the most part,... Continue Reading →


Well I'm back from Thanksgiving "vacation," and yet I feel more burnt out than this Crown Vic: Actually, I think that's a Mercury Grand Marquis. Also, I'm not feeling burnt out at all, I just wanted an excuse to use that photo. I did do a fair amount of driving though, with my pre-Thanksgiving post... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, you turkeys! [Nixon should have stuck it out, that turkey owed him one.] Barring anything I feel compelled to share before then, I'll be out of the office until Monday, November 29th. In the meantime, I'll be giving thanks for my good fortune, and I hope you'll be giving thanks for yours--or, if... Continue Reading →

Running Smoothly

Further to last Thursday's post, the next day I took some more "time off the bike" by visiting the popular local cycling route known as "River Road:" Where the fall foliage was "flambullient" enough to make you wanna barf: It was a delightful ride, but this being a bike blog, I'll take the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

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