Legendary Hack

Further to Friday's post, this past weekend, at considerable expense, I hired a team of professional photographers to chronicle my first ride in the Brancale Dynamic II bicycle-riding shoes: We had one photographer on the back of a Ducati who got shots of the upper: Then we got a street luge rider with a GoPro... Continue Reading →

From Shoddy To Shod

For most people in cycling media, posting a selfie like this would be career suicide: In my case, things work a bit differently. For one thing, I no longer have a career to kill, so who's winning now? For another, see the logo on the helmet, just above my furrowed brow? Well, it's the marque... Continue Reading →

High Priority

Riding a vintage titanium bicycle is a mission not for the faint of heart, as this primitive machine is liable to break at any time. However, I have willingly undertaken the risk, for it is of great import that future generations read my words and learn about the work of our ancestors. Given the huge... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays: Encore!

Last week I took the Teledyne Titan on its inaugural ride, and this morning I did more or less the same ride, only in reverse: The Teledyne Titan is more or less the first production titanium Fred Sled, and has a reputation for cracking. Furthermore, the components on this bicycle have been drilled out to... Continue Reading →

“The Plane, The Plane!”

Further to Friday's post about the Teledyne Titan: I have just received word from Mission Control that they have dispatched a replacement derailleur pulley: They must have received the desperate message I sent through my top-secret communication device: In the meantime, I will continue to place an inordinate amount of faith in my state-of-the-art safety... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays! (Teaser Edition)

Classic Cycle in (on?) Bainbridge Island, WA is not only a full-service bike shop; it's also home to one of the finest and most comprehensive bicycle museums in the world. Cunningly, I have convinced proprietor and curator Paul Johnson to let me sample some of the more beguiling bicycles in their collection on an ongoing... Continue Reading →


Good morning! *Checks watch, it's like 3:30pm* *Shrugs* Today I did what is probably the most normcore ride in the New York City area, which is ride a plastic road bike over the George Washington Bridge and up and down the undulating stretch known as "River Road:" I've been riding this particular bicycle quite a... Continue Reading →

Warranty Disclaimer

Today I rode my artisanal singlespeed to the forbidding Trails Behind The Mall: On the way there, I racked up one (1) notable wildlife sighting, that being a wild turkey accompanying a poult. What is a poult? Why, it's what you call a baby turkey. Did I know that already? No, I did not, for... Continue Reading →

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