Riding On The Straight And Narrow

In smug circles, bicyclists often congratulate themselves for using a mode of transport that keeps them in touch with the world around them. This is certainly valid, in that yes, you absolutely notice stuff on your bike you'd never notice while driving. I've discovered all sorts of little out-of-the-way spots over the years, from restaurants... Continue Reading →

Making My Way Through Life One Gear At A Time

Happy Judeo-Christian Free-For-All Week! [Hard to imagine a drier food than gluten-free matzoh, you might as well eat spackle. As for Easter, I'm fairly certain you don't eat the eggs.] Sorry for my absence, I've been busy observing the holidays: Just kidding! No, I'm so profoundly spiritual I've transcended mere religious ritual and can now... Continue Reading →

Friction-Shifting and Fancy-Free

As the weather continues to warm up and cycling becomes enjoyable to normal people as well as terminal bike weenies, family rides are now back on the table: Yes, that's two (2) Rivendells for maximum pretentiousness: And of course one (1) vintage mountain bike complete with Suntour thumbshifters in friction mode: At this point the... Continue Reading →

Spring Chickens

Spring is a time of rebirth. Trees bloom. Flowers...also bloom. And mammals (humans included) copulate, resulting in offspring--excluding of course the sorts of people who don't produce offspring and instead complain about other people's offspring being too noisy on airplanes. Spring is also a time to tend to one's bicycle fleet, and to welcome new... Continue Reading →

The Power Of The Claw

Yesterday I took a grey ride through the park on the Brompton, which can only mean one thing: It was time to retrieve THE CAR THE BANK NO LONGER OWNS BECAUSE I FINISHED PAYING THEM BACK, AND THAT I ACKNOWLEDGE OWNING BECAUSE NOT TO DO SO SEEMS KINDA WISHY-WASHY from the auto mechanic. I won't... Continue Reading →

Watching It Unfold

This morning I undertook an epic ride on my Brompton to an exotic destination: Just kidding! No, I just rode it home from the auto mechanic, which took me through the park: Astute readers may have noticed I've made a number of visits to the auto mechanic recently, and if you're an Auto Fred/"Avid Driver"... Continue Reading →

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