Bird of Prey, Tour of Vengeance

Well the week has gotten away from me like a hub's worth of ball bearings, though I did manage to get out on the Vengeance Bike today by way of preparing myself for complete and total Five Boro Bike Tour domination: Here again is my weapon, set against the backdrop of the city it will... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Bearings

As a semi-professional bike blogger I endeavor to stay atop my duties; however, as a semi-competent (at best) human being, other basic responsibilities sometimes get in the way. For this reason I am behind on sundry matters and projects, including sharing my impressions of the Chonus clamp-on bike basket the creator was kind enough to... Continue Reading →

Vengeance Will Be Mine

Back in 2007, which is roughly a million years ago in Internet Time, I prophesied the Seven Signs of the Fixed-Gear Apocalypse. Well, it turns out I left out a sign, because a reader alerts me that an eight trumpet hath rung out, and upon its sound a subway posted did rent itself and reveal... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

Not too long ago a bunch of bike industry big shots made some sort of "climate commitment," but here's why they should stop beating themselves up and leave that to the (semi-)professionals, like me: This does not mean I'm particularly enamored with plastic bikes and electronical shifting and gratuitously affixing the word "gravel" to everything.... Continue Reading →

Shift Change

We were battered by wind and rain overnight and I shrewdly headed out for a ride early this morning to catch the tail end of the crappy weather: I would have preferred to wait for the sun of course, but I had too much to do and I was eager to try out the latest... Continue Reading →

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