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Winging It

Further to my last post, I think maybe I got the pressure sorted out on my gourmet tires--and I didn't even have to consult a magazine first! I'm just going to go ahead and assume that's an homage to this blog, or at least to its much more entertaining predecessor, where I made a running... Continue Reading →

BSNYC Half-Assed Holiday Crap Rundown!

As the year winds down, real websites does product round-ups, holiday gift guides, etc. This is not a real website. Instead, here's a half-assed look at some stuff I've been riding and wearing. Before that though, inasmuch as it is the holiday season, if you're looking to give money away in a bike-themed fashion to... Continue Reading →

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Hey, we got snow! You know what that means... Time to get the scraper: It also means it's time to move over to the winter bikes: Speaking of things that happen around this time of year, the holidays are coming, and if you're already mentally downshifting I'm here to shake you out of your complacency... Continue Reading →

Small Annoyances

Further to yesterday's post and my column about fixing flats, I fixed that flat: And yes, I'll concede that in this particular case a tubeless set-up would have easily taken care of it: Whatever. Meanwhile, I don't pay close attention to the newest and latest in crabon bike blobbery, so I didn't realize just how... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

I've got a new posting on the Outside's website, in which I express the now-controversial opinion that you should know how to fix your own flat on a bike: I'd say this will get me excommunicated from the Smugness Society, but evidently that's already happened: Unfollowed or muted, sure, but blocked? That's cold. As for... Continue Reading →

All Roads Lead To All-Road

I'm pleased to report the singlespeed mountain bike I put together for my son last week suits him quite nicely: Forcing your kids to ride bikes equipped with primitive 20th century technology is like making them use a phone like this instead of a smartphone--which I also do, of course: Sure, they can't download apps,... Continue Reading →

Problem Solved

Further to yesterday's post, this afternoon I took the latest parts bike out for a shakedown ride: [Believe it or not this bike is steel. Even aluminum bikes are like, "Those are some fat frame tubes!"] You'll be pleased to know that I finally solved my disc brake switching them for rim brakes: When... Continue Reading →

Son Of Singlespeed

It's getting colder, which means I'm spending less time on the road and more time on the dirt: Unlike those silly people who live downtown, I'm fortunate to have easy access to a variety of trails. By now I figured I knew every inch of dirt from the Bronx to the Tappan Zee Mario Cuomo... Continue Reading →

Musical Bars

Where I ride, in the wild lands immediately north of the city, you are liable to see all sorts of animals. There's the deer: The hawk: And of course the Platypus: I've been doing a lot of bicycle fine-tuning lately. However, the Platypus was one bike I felt was...well, you never like to say "perfect,"... Continue Reading →

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