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I Suck, You Suck, We All Suck For Cycling!

Hello, sorry I'm late, I was busy parenting! Hey, someone's gotta ruin these kids' lives. I'm also late in addressing People for Bikes's 2020 City Rankings Data, which I received under embargo two days ago, meant to address yesterday, and then forgot about. So as always I'm a day late and a dollar short--but, hey,... Continue Reading →

Right Place, Wrong Fred

Last week I included that video of the enraged flyer-grabbing Fred in a post about my plastic bike. I admit I had misgivings about doing so--not because I didn't think the guy was a gigantic douche, but because I had a bad feeling about the collective desperation to uncover his identity. However, I embedded it... Continue Reading →

***For Immediate Release***

BIKE SNOB NYC TO RETIRE FROM THE SPORT OF BICYCLE RACING After a long and fruitless racing career, the semi-professional bike blogger known variously as "Bike Snob NYC," "Rip Torn's Mugshot," and "Tan Tenovo," has decided to retire from the sport, effective immediately. He reached the decision earlier this morning while riding a Rivendell bicycle... Continue Reading →

You Asked For It! [Part II]

First it was the lugged bike. Then it was the plastic bike. And then... Here you go, Cheese Freds! Yep, that's a bag of pre-shredded cheese, the Walmart bike of coagulated dairy products: There's also a bag of Colby and Monterey Jack in the fridge but I haven't opened it yet. I should probably stop... Continue Reading →

Worst World Bicycle Day Ever!

Well, it's harder to think of anything people could possibly give less of a shit about right now than the fact that it's World Bicycle Day: Regular physical activity of moderate intensity – such as walking, cycling, or doing sports – has significant benefits for health. At all ages, the benefits of being physically active outweigh potential... Continue Reading →

I Wrote Another Thing For Bicycling!

There's a scene in the "Bubble Boy" episode of "Seinfeld" where George and Susan arrive at her father's cabin after a long drive only to find it on fire. As Susan reacts in horror to the conflagration, George says to her, "I just realized you never gave me back the change from the toll." Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Knocking Around

Further to yesterday's post, another fundamental difference between the Jones and the Rivendell is that, while both beg to be ridden far and wide, the Rivendell is equally conducive to short, aimless wanderings close to home, which is what I used it for this morning: Way back towards the hindquarters of the Dachshund of Time,... Continue Reading →

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