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New Outside Column! And Other Grumblings.

There's no getting around it: I'm getting old. I'm also getting ornery--almost as ornery as I was when I started this blog! For example, it's currently fashionable to blame motor vehicle size for basically everything, but I think the bigger problem is that today's driver is chemically and electronically addled to an unprecedented extent: I'm... Continue Reading →

When Good Advice Goes Bad

In my most recent Outside column, I prophesied that you soon won't be able to repair your own bicycle tire: When it happens, you'll of course be able to blame the bike industry, which always strives to make bike technology "better" by making it more proprietary and less cross-compatible. Ironically, you'll also be able to... Continue Reading →

Myth And Lore

How about that Elon Musk buying Twitter, huh? Let's talk about it! No, don't worry, I have no interest in that, I'm mostly just here to apologize for my absence (or say "You're welcome" for it if it's something that pleases you) and to submit by way of explanation that I've been smitten by a... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

In my latest Outside column I lay bare the conspiracy that's transforming bicycles into non-serviceable plastic blobs: If you don't like that it's a "member exclusive," rest assured it'll emerge from behind the paywall eventually...just like the last one did! Hey, sooner or later all that stale content winds up on the curb for the... Continue Reading →

What’s The Big Hurry?

Rain has relegated me to the road recently: Isn't that alluringly alliterative? I don't mind sticking to the road (figuratively, not literally), since there are worse places to be on an autumn day: Especially when the mirror-stillness of the water surface gives you twice the foliage porn for your money: But today the sun returned,... Continue Reading →


In the old days, before bicycle headsets used cartridge bearings, it wasn't uncommon for them to undergo a phenomenon called "brinelling:" Younger, newer riders may be unfamiliar with so-called "indexed steering"...which is why Canyon is now able to market it as a feature: When LeBron James invested a shitload of money in Canyon you may... Continue Reading →

Leaf Springs

Further to last week's post about the Diverge, I had no idea this was already a thing: Incredible as it sounds, this is the sort of absurd contraption it takes to catfish a mountain biker onto a bicycle with drop bars: Plus, they can keep wearing the same jerseys: And using the same pedals: Flapless... Continue Reading →

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

***This coming Sunday, October 23rd, is the Tour de Bronx! Esteemed Commenter Leroy informs me they need marshals! If you're a generally helpful sort who's also qualified to boss people around in an amiable fashion, sign up here!*** Still got it! This was in reference to my post yesterday about the latest Diverge garvel biek,... Continue Reading →

Bucking Trend

Stop! Put down that phone! Get your hand out of your pants! Something incredibly important has happened! Specialized have released a new garvel biek: Yeah, I know: "So what? I took my hand out of my pants for this?" Well, sure, the last thing the world needed was the eleventy millionth gravel bike. But while... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

As I've mentioned, my elder son has been riding a Woom NOW cargo bike urban lifestyle bike, and my latest Outside column is about that bike in particular and kids and bikes in general: Actually, he mostly rides his fixie now, but he still uses the Woom when he has stuff to carry. In fact... Continue Reading →

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