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All I Got For Chrismas

So look what I got for Christmas! While I usually just ask Santa for socks and underwear, this year I figured I'd see what all the fuss was about and so I put a pair of boutique Rene Herse tires on my list. Not only that, but I also got some fancy new pedals to... Continue Reading →


Good morning! Not like you needed to know anything more about me, but Bicycling have been kind enough to publish my strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk: Sorry, make that my trite, predictable journey from solitary bike dork to solitary bike dork. I've always been a Lone Wolf at heart: Remember when I used... Continue Reading →

Striking A Balance

I do my best not to think, but sometimes I can't help myself. One thing I've found myself contemplating in recent years is the way we (and when I say "we" I mean people who champion the use of the bicycle) talk about cycling deaths. So often they're senseless, infuriating tragedies that betray a host... Continue Reading →

Together At Last

It's been a turbulent year. We could all use a little cheering up this holiday season. Fortunately, White Castle has some fantastic news for you: The simultaneous return of both mac and cheese is the sort of rare and fortuitous event most of us get to witness only once in a lifetime, like Halley's Comet... Continue Reading →

This Just In: New-To-You Outside Column!

Good morning! We're closing in on winter up here in the good hemisphere, so consider this column by Jörs Trüli your annual reminder to embrace the cold rather than fear it: Also, while this freshly-published column may be quite timely, it is in fact "new old stock" in that I wrote it before Outside discontinued... Continue Reading →

Bar Crawling

Firstly, those of you who have ordered jeans from Osloh are probably getting them by now: [The Lane Jean, which I wear like every day now.] If you're like me, when you first opened the package and took them out you thought to yourself, "Holy crap, there's a lot going on with these jeans!" Well,... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Balance

Ah, Specialized... Nobody chums the waters of cycling like the Big S. Remember how they sued that guy up in Canada because he dared use the word "Roubaix?" Or how after years of wind tunnel shenanigans they claimed to invent round frame tubes and then used them to make a bike that cost $12,500? Well... Continue Reading →

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