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Of My Own Free Quill

I realize I am remiss in updating you on the pair of track bikes I received from Classic Cycle back in April: As tempted as I've been to ride the Fiorelli slowly around Brooklyn in the hopes that people will notice the massive street cred of my inch-pitch drivetrain, I have not yet had occasion... Continue Reading →

Stick A Fork In It

Not that you care about our local leadership, but Eric Adams has officially won the Democratic mayoral primary here in New York City. This means he's pretty much a shoo-in for mayor, though technically he does have to win the general election against Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa, shown here ranting about the Five Boro Bike... Continue Reading →

Go Fourth And July!

Happy Fourth of July! Or, if you live in some other country...Happy Fourth of July! (Assuming you're also on the Gregorian calendar, that is, and not one of those metric ones.) I'm preparing to ride off into the weekend... ...during which I hope to get caught up on the Touring of France, which NBC now... Continue Reading →

Mixte Nuts

After riding my antique road bike on Friday, the very next day I did virtually the same ride on my A. Homer Hilsen: In so doing, what I discovered is that I'm faster on the Litespeed, but I'm more comfortable on the Rivendell. Now that's what you call a mind-blowing revelation. Meanwhile, the Touring of... Continue Reading →

Who’d A Thunk It?

In yesterday's post, I mentioned Morrissey's meat smoker, and I'm pleased to report I may have actually found it: I suppose I should be annoyed that this bike rack in now inaccessible unless you're willing to risk third-degree burns, but mostly it just makes me happy to see people taking the streetscape into their own... Continue Reading →

Garage Days

Firstly, I apologize for my spotty presence this week. However, as the school year winds down the child party scene starts heating up, and therefore I've been busy flitting from fĂȘte to fĂȘte. So I'll be back just as soon as I finish nursing my juice box hangover. Secondly, even in my sickly-sweet inebriated state,... Continue Reading →

Deer In The Headlights

It's the mayoral primary election today here in New York City. You know, there are people out there who think New Yorkers are arrogant and suffer from the delusion that their city is the center of the universe. I have no idea where this notion comes from--I mean, we only think the fate of the... Continue Reading →

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