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The Lure Of The Open Road

For the past week New York has been like a windowless bathroom after a hot shower, and from a cycling perspective the best way to cope with these conditions has been to wear athletic clothing while riding a bicycle on the road: When it comes to road bikes, it can sometimes seem as though there's... Continue Reading →

Round And Round We Go

I gotta say, this bike's really working for me this week: I've had it set up for my older son, and so the stem is two centimeters shorter than what I usually use. I thought of changing it back, but it turns out it feels great, most likely because I've got at least two extra... Continue Reading →

Run Out Of Town On A Rail

Firstly, nobody asked me to do this, but I just happened to notice that Jones is having a sale: Those look like some pretty good deals to me: I don't have a favorite bike. Actually, that's not true, my favorite bike is usually the one I happen to be riding at the time. However, when... Continue Reading →

So Great To Be Back!

Oy, I'm back. While I had two bicycles with me on my vacation, it was particularly good to reconnect with the Jones, and a luxury to be in such close proximity to that most fashionable of road surfaces: [I'm talking about the garvel, of course.] Alas, as a dog returns to his own vomit, so... Continue Reading →

So Much Chaff So Little Wheat

***This is another vacation non-post, see you for real after Labor Day.*** As everybody knows, Craigslist in big cities like New York is a total shitshow, full of overpriced crap like this: But that's not the case everywhere, and in an alternate reality I'd travel the hinterlands in a minivan acquiring classic bargains, like this... Continue Reading →

Retrogrouch Fever Dreams

***I'm on vacation, and yet I keep typing words into this blog. What can I say? I'm like a do running in its sleep.*** In recent years I've sort of stopped keeping up with the newest-and-latest bike tech in earnest. Mostly, I just give stuff a cursory glance and then make fun of it: When... Continue Reading →

Go With The Flow

***On vacation, this is a non-post, nothing counts 'til after Labor Day.*** I have very much been enjoying some long-overdue quality Jones time: "Good for you, go jump in a lake," you're probably thinking: Well, I'm a step ahead of you: Those are MUSA shorts, by the way. If you're not doing the whole Lycra-and-clipless... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

***On vacation thru Labor Day, not here, blah blah blah.*** Braen groweing sluggish from lack of use, foregetting how to make the sentances, but new Outside column is here from when I still kinda new: Head hurts now. Also, Streetsblog mentioned it: I choose to take the "raises more questions than it answered" part as... Continue Reading →

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